Jesvi Jonathan
I love to make music and I spend my time composing music. I blend between Tamil, Pop and Gospel genre with a lots of inspiration from Alternative Rock and EDM My sound is always evolving and changing but I will keep making the best music I can ! You can find my music on all verified platforms : Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify ! I rarely do collabs but if you wanna collab, ping me.. My Talents are used to please the ONE who provided me with & I am grateful for that. I have to say a big thank you to all who support me !
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I upload content on random interests. Video subjects vary from music videos, reviews, tutorial, streaming, etc... Project demos are some of my favourite content to upload as it helps me keep a project alive even after a project is closed. Music video are uploaded in my music channel JESVi while other random topic videos are covered in JESVI JONATHAN. Editing video IS NOT MY passion I rather do it for showing of my work & results in the form of a video to people who need explanation
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This is my early channel where I upload random content, mostly related to projects, demo, review, tutorial & what not...
All My Professional content & music videos go here. Approved releases & Quality stuff only (o.o)
This is my early channel where I upload random content, mostly related to projects, demo, review, tutorial & what not...
Personally, Having a good record of projects & work/contribution to a field from an induvidual has more value than having knowledge that is not put in to use. So with that in mind, I have a list of projects that I have worked on & the list is ever expanding to date with newer ideas & requests. My projects ranges from developing Developer Tools for personal/developer use, to Developing services, applications & products which are benefitial for users & organizations.
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Jesvi Bot
An automation handler program with several features
CIT Takshashila
An event management website built for CIT'S annual cultural fest.. this project includes beautiful/stunning design along with event management functionality. Developed an in-house frameowrk and a animation library for this project
An award winning website that was built as an projecct to my portfolio and as an symposium webpage
Cepher Records
A Music Record Label service built for indie musicians, to distrbute and sell music
AI Data Verification System
This project was in regards SIH, to tackle a problem faced on government portals that require data verification modern problems
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
A Machine learning project that Analysis the sentiment of a tweet, implemented data mining/scrapping & ml model-training to achieve reslults
PyGame Application
A simple game interface created using pygame along with graphics manipulative content
Auto Aroma
It's console UI driven scripting program for creating aroma scripts
Eulah Rom
A Custom OS for Galaxy C series featuring One UI Ported features
Sudo Rom
A improvised Custom OS for Galaxy C series featuring improved kernel and system performance along with several mods & tweaks
Adidas Miner Bot
Various web mining, scrapping & automation tools
An whatsapp automation script that automates whatsapp functionalities with no human intervention
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